Exposing the plan for a North American Union

Resolution urges U.S. to withdraw from a North American union

Posted by dan20 on January 25, 2007

Daily Herald | Jan. 24, 2007


A House committee unanimously passed a joint resolution Tuesday that urges the president and Congress to withdraw from the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, now moves to the House floor for a vote.

The SPP, while not an institution, is harshly criticized by some Utah groups. Resolution supporters told the committee Tuesday that the purpose of the SPP is to remove sovereignty from the United States and give it to a North American union, similar to the European Union. The SPP involves the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Wally McCormick, of the Utah Constitution Coalition and Utah Minuteman Project, said that the SPP will allow for “a 5-square-mile area, that is supposedly going to be owned by Mexico, within our own country, run by their officers, run by their soldiers.”

McCormick called the SPP a scam. Referencing previous testimony, McCormick said that “The federal income tax is the second biggest scam perpetrated on the American people. I extend that further in saying that this scam about the SPP and what it is going to do to America may be the first biggest scam upon the American people.”

According to the SPP Web site, it isn’t a treaty or agreement. It is “a dialogue to increase security and enhance prosperity among the three countries.”

“The SPP builds upon, but is separate from, our long-standing trade and economic relationships,” says a statement on the SPP Web site.

The White House released a statement in September of last year highlighting achievements of the SPP. Among them was that “the SPP constitutes a ‘comprehensive agenda for cooperation’ while ‘respecting the sovereignty and unique cultural and legal heritage’ of each country.”

The SPP also states one of its main goals as recognizing that “our security and our economic prosperity being mutually reinforcing.”

The joint resolution addresses concerns of the SPP lacking congressional oversight and a highway planned for north-south travel from Texas.

The bill also expresses the concern of legislators that, “state and local governments throughout the United States would be negatively impacted by the SPP and North American Union process, such as the “open borders” vision of the SPP.”

HJR 7, Resolution Urging United States Withdrawal from Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem. This resolution of the Legislature urges the United States to withdraw from the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and any other activity which seeks to create a North American Union.


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